Friday, April 23, 2010

Aegis of Nature

When Life is more than words
You know you’ve found the golden treasure
When April is gone and spring still reigns your heart
You know you’ve captured the moments of joy
When the gentle breeze blows in the midst of summer
You know there is someone around
When the birds hum without a reason
You know you’ve a reason to smile
When the flowers bloom without the buzz of bees
You know there is fragrance in your life
When you feel on top of the world
You know you are in love…

Nandini Kakoti

Fond Memories

As I walked through the deserted lane
I stepped unto an earthen pot which
I dared to open…
Inside I found a little joy in my name
I carried it home with eagerness
And on the way I found a bagful of laughter
I knew it was for me and carried it too.
As I trod on the golden path
A little ahead I was served a bowl of love
This I accepted with much happiness.
Back home as I unpacked my basket
The air was filled with the
Fragrance of joy, laughter and love
The feel of someone’s presence.
I realized I gathered a beautiful
World around myself
This will carry me to the golden future…

Nandini Kakoti

Thorns Diminished

I know there are thorns on my way
But, I dreamt of a life without them
Now I’ve learnt to live with them
Still dreaming of a life of roses
My eyes have witnessed the calmness of
Wet nights that swept away my dreams
I even heard them say that tougher
Moments have essence of happiness
But, I could only wait to count
On them, where are they, have I
Annoyed them, why they have turned
Off me!
I plea a rendezvous with happiness,
I long for embracement with my unseen
friend. I have essence of hope with me
And I believe I am closer to my goal
For I know I could defeat sorrow
And win a friend for myself

Nandini Kakoti

When Words fall Victim of Expression

When my heart rose to whisper
Unto yours the feelings of deep
Gratitude, the humble Bible but,
Couldn’t save the language of
My affection…

“I have faith in the power of love.”
My heart rose again, in her own
Little world, adorned with a smile
Unveiling her only feelings unto yours…
She knew when words fall short, it’s just
Right to say…I love you!

Nandini Kakoti