Friday, April 23, 2010

Fond Memories

As I walked through the deserted lane
I stepped unto an earthen pot which
I dared to open…
Inside I found a little joy in my name
I carried it home with eagerness
And on the way I found a bagful of laughter
I knew it was for me and carried it too.
As I trod on the golden path
A little ahead I was served a bowl of love
This I accepted with much happiness.
Back home as I unpacked my basket
The air was filled with the
Fragrance of joy, laughter and love
The feel of someone’s presence.
I realized I gathered a beautiful
World around myself
This will carry me to the golden future…

Nandini Kakoti


  1. Beuatiful imagery there


  2. Memories...sweet memories.. they are what keeps you living when life is ending... not that this statement of mine has any relevance to your poem... but ....